Roshan is alone at the end of the year, wanting to return to Sravanti!


BanglaHunt Desk: She has been in the news many times since her marriage to Roshan Singh, Sravanti Chatterjee. The secret marriage of the two, the honeymoon, the pictures of intimate moments all took away the limelight immediately. Naturally, it is needless to say that Roshan will also be in the headlines this time when there is a fear of divorce with Sravanti's third marriage.

Along with the sarcastic status on social media, Roshan is also seen giving status to Sravanti from time to time. However, the opposite tune was heard from Roshan's status recently. Forgetting all the monomalindhya at the end of the year, did he want to get close to Sravanti again?

Netizens are raising such questions. Because, Roshan's latest Instagram story. Roshan shared a picture in the last story. It can be seen that in the middle of the crowd, everyone is standing hugging their partner. Only one young man is alone. Obliged, he embraced himself with his hands. Roshan wrote 'My condition' on this photo.

Seeing this story of Roshan, there was a lot of buzz in Tolipara. But is the bitterness between Sravanti and Roshan going to end at the end of the year? Will the two be seen together again? From the very beginning, Sravanti has locked her mouth on this issue. He still maintains silence. So the speculation has not ended yet.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Sravanti deleted all the pictures of Roshan from her Instagram handle. A few days ago, he also removed the title Singh next to his name in the handle. However, in the reality show 'Superstar Family', there is vermilion in front of the camera. On the other hand, Roshan is also busy with his gym. He shares more bodybuilding pictures and videos.