Roshan is now past, Sravanti is busy with 'special' people, she openly spoke about love!


BanglaHunt Desk: Two consecutive marriages failed. Now there is a rumor that Srabanti Chatterjee is on the verge of breaking up the third world. However, despite the wave of speculation in Netpara, the actress is still locked in her mouth. Stay away from pronouncing Roshan's name, Sravanti is extremely busy with her career, new gym and family.

Meanwhile, Sravanti shared pictures with the 'special' people of life. In fact, they are all close friends of his. Sharing pictures with three friends, the actress said that she really loves them. This picture is now viral.

Recently, Sravanti showed her fans around the gym on social media. He shared the video and his picture on social media.

Not only that, he also shared a selfie and an old photo of himself at Insta Story. Sravanti is seen in the picture with two braids tied. He is standing in the middle of friends. The actress wrote in the caption, Friends are always good.

Recently, the actress was seen sharing pictures with her son and parents. Then Srabonti shared the picture with one of her loved ones. He grabbed her and posed in front of the camera with a smile. In fact, this loved one of Sravanti is not a human being. Rather a soft toy.

This sweet pink teddy bear is very sweet. And he has explained it in his caption. That's why he took a picture with a smile on his face while embracing his favorite Teddy. And without sharing that picture on social media, it is very viral.

By the way, forgetting the old bitter relationship, this time he has given his mind to make his life beautiful again. The actress has captured a brand new fresh look. Recently, the actress shared two pictures with her son Abhimanyu and parents. The mother posted a selfie with her son and sent an emotional message, ‘I am blessed to have you as a son. Mom loves you. '