Roshan said that the fake account was opened with the intention of destroying obscene messages and image.

BanglaHunt Desk: Roshan Singh is now facing the problem of fake account on social media. The limelight has been on him for some time now with the rumor of breaking up with Srabanti Chatterjee. In the midst of all this, Roshan has to deal with the problem of fake accounts. Roshan himself has warned netizens about fake accounts.

Let's say the matter openly. This fake account was opened in the name of Naki Roshan on Instagram for some time. But after opening the account, he was blocked so that he could not get the trace of it. The account has already started to follow 92 people. Written as a bio, this is Roshan's personal blog.

Roshan said that many people have also received obscene messages from this fake account in Roshan's name. Roshan also said that he knew that this was done with the intention of defaming him. As soon as he found out about the matter, he took a screenshot of the account and posted it on his Insta handle and warned everyone. However, Roshan did not say who did it.

Incidentally, Roshan recently said that he has no contact with the actress' wife. Besides, he leaked some more information about Sravanti. Roshan's statement, despite being a famous Tollywood actress, was never understood by Sravanti at home. The actress also met Divya with one of her family members and a friend of Roshan's.

Roshan is going to launch his own clothing brand soon. However, Roshan said that he will launch it with another star, not Janavya Sravanti. Roshan is familiar with the whole of Tollywood. However, at the end of the day, his speech, which has been good jannayai.