RPF jawan runs behind moving train and delivers milk to four-month-old baby, video goes viral on social media


Bengali Hunt Desk: A human video of an RPF jawan went viral on social media. Then Railway Minister Piyush Goyal announced that he would honor RPF jawan Inder Singh Yadav for delivering milk to a four-month-old baby on a moving train at the Bhopal railway station. Railway Minister Piyush Goel tweeted praising Inder Singh's humanitarian record. Railway Minister Inder Singh announced a cash reward.

The Railway Minister tweeted that the railway is a commendable initiative of the family. RPF Constable Inder Singh Yadav took commendable steps while on duty. She ran behind the moving train to breastfeed her four-month-old baby. We are proud of his work. And for this reason I am announcing to honor Inder Singh with a cash prize.

A woman named Hasin was going to Gorakhpur from Karnataka with her husband and four-month-old daughter on the Sramik Special Train. During the train journey, the milk ran out and no milk was available at any station. And when the train stopped at Bhopal station, Hasin informed an RPF jawan on duty about his problem.

Then RPF jawan goes to Inder Singh station to get milk for the baby. But milk is not available at the station. He then entered the station with a packet of milk from a shop outside the station. But by then the train had left. Then Inder Singh ran behind the moving train with a packet of milk. The video of her running went viral on social media. Inder Singh ran behind the moving train and delivered the milk to Hasin.

Hasin made a video while sitting in the train after receiving a packet of milk. And Hasin called the unnamed RPF jawan a real hero. He said the country needs such people very much. The video of RPF jawans and Hasin went so viral on social media that the video reached the Railway Minister. The minister then announced that the RPF jawan would be honored.