Rs 50,000 crore compensation to be paid, demanding return of Padma Shri award against Ekta


Banglahant Desk: A defamation suit and a civil case have been filed against Bollywood producer Ekta Kapoor for compensation of Rs 50,000 crore. The case has been filed against Ekta for insulting the Indian Army by showing offensive scenes in the web series. IPS officer Dr. Sandeep Mittal tweeted this news.
He tweeted, “I have filed a defamation and civil suit against Ekta Kapoor for slandering her for using third-class entertainment.” Let the Padma Shri award given to Ekta Kapoor be withdrawn. '

Producer Ekta Kapoor has faced severe criticism in all quarters. Meanwhile, YouTuber 'Hindustani Bhau' has lodged a complaint with the police against Ekta. Recently, SI Alka Sachan of Uttar Pradesh Police has spoken out against him. He expressed his anger towards unity by tweeting. Alka tweeted, “Ekta Kapoor is not worthy of being called a woman. The way you insulted the wives of the military brothers, such a heinous remark as a woman, damn you. The wives of the martyred soldiers of the country are no less than Sita's mother. If you don't respect women, your shoes will die. '

Ekta has recently launched a new web series on its web platform ALT Balaji Platform. Ekta has faced a heated debate due to an episode of the second season of that web series called XXX. Hindustani Bhau claims on YouTube that there is an episode in that season where it is shown that his wife is involved in adultery in the absence of an army jawan. In a special scene, the woman is seen having sex with her boyfriend by putting on her husband's army uniform.
According to Hindustani Bhau, this scene is extremely insulting to the Indian Army. Many following him have called for a boycott of the series. #ALTBalajiInsultsArmy is trending on Twitter. Many say that it is not new for Ekta Kapoor's production company to show an uncomfortable scene. But this time they have crossed all the boundaries. Many have been vocal in demanding the arrest of Ekta.