RSS as a donor: Food distribution among poor Muslims


BanglaHunt Desk: People around the world are alarmed by the Corona virus (COVID-19). The outbreak of the virus has spread all over the world beyond China. Gradually, the virus is spreading its terrible form in many countries. Lockdown status is issued at various locations during this time. Poor people were facing severe problems as work was stopped. In this situation, many people are helping the money in various relief funds in the country or state. Apart from providing money for poor people, the treatment of Corona is underway. At this time, Sambha, Maharashtra, saw members of RSS organizations standing by the Muslim community.

During the lockdown, people from different places have experienced problems due to work stoppage. There are many daily laborers living together in Samba, Maharashtra. Like other day laborers, they are unemployed during this lockdown. They were spending the day in extreme distress. In the midst of this crisis, RSS volunteers came forward to help the laborers in a vast area of ​​Samba. Though the workers are Muslim in the nation, Hindu groups have come to their side in the day of crisis.

RSS volunteer workers went to the area and distributed masks, supplies and food to the workers there. By maintaining social distance, they handed over food to everyone. And with that the Prime Minister spoke.

A local said, 'Here we are following the government's directive. But the poor people here are having a lot of difficulty because of them. They are currently inactive due to the lockdown. That's why RSS staff stands by them. Assisting them with rations, masks, etc. if they need it. Here we do not think of anything as an RSS group or a Muslim community. We're all here. All of us are human beings. Therefore, it is desirable that the people stand beside them in danger.

In this regard, an RSS activist said, 'Here we stand beside the poor people to solve their problems. Now people here say they are having ration problem, so we have come to provide food for them. And if they have any more problems later, we will stand by them. We also gave them masks. The Prime Minister also conveyed to them the awareness of social distance.

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