Rudrajit-Promita's picture

BanglaHunt Desk: Marriage is not too late. Before that, Promita Chakrabartty got drunk in a game of Cinnamon with her future husband Rudrajit Mukherjee. Both are popular actors and actresses in Bangla TV serials. In addition to the pre-wedding shoot on Pujo holiday, Pramita Rudrajit also got into a game of vermilion with each other on Dashmi.

The actress was caught wearing red and gold sari, gold jewelery and open hair. Rudrajit in matching Punjabi of the same color on the side. Promita looked like an extraordinary beauty with vermilion in her future husband's hands. They took pictures with several poses at once.

In fact, in addition to playing Sindur on Vijaya Dashami, Pramita and Rudrajit have done a pre-wedding photoshoot. The couple is going to get married on February 14, Valentine's Day.

According to media reports, Rudrajit Promita's wedding will be held at a resort in Purulia. With that, the engagement and the ring will change. In the meantime, the two of them visited Purulia with their family last Friday. They have come to look after the pre-wedding shoot spots and resorts in the hills of Ayodhya. It is learned that Rudrajit and Promita's industry colleagues and friends will also attend the registry function.

By the way, Rudrajit and Pramita are both familiar faces of the serial. Although Rudrajit is relatively new, Pramita has been associated with the industry for a long time. He has acted in several popular serials. He was playing the role of Oyster in the recently concluded Akash Neel series here. On the other hand, Rudrajit is seen in the role of Turna, the life partner.