Rumors about the money found in the Jan Dhan project, know exactly what the government said


Banglahunt Desk: In a lockdown situation, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has sent every woman's money account to Tk 5 for the financial comfort of the country. Rumors are circulating around this money, saying that this money is not secure at all. In this case, the statement was issued by the Union Finance Minister. The finance ministry said on Monday that the money sent to the public account was completely safe. Rumors that the government will withdraw it if it does not take the money sooner is baseless.

The Zero Balance Savings Account is opened under the Prime Minister's Jan Dhan Yojana Accident insurance, overdraft services, checkbooks and many other benefits are also available. This bank account created during this period of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is confusing. It is said that the government will transfer Tk 5 to the public account for the next three months Contextually, 5 percent of public money accounts are in the name of women In rural and suburban areas, 5% of the total accounts are in the area

Besides, the finance minister has made several announcements for the people of the country

The deadline for submitting income tax return for the fiscal year 0-6 is extended to June 3. If you are late, the interest rate should be reduced from 12% to 5%.

The deadline for PAN affiliation with Aadhaar has been extended from 1st March to 5th June.

The last day of submission of TDS returns has not been changed, but the interest rate for the TDS late submission has been reduced to 6 percent from the previous 5 percent.

In the case of companies with annual transactions of less than Tk 1 crore, they will pay interest on income tax return but will not have to pay late fees.

At present, registration of new companies will be done only within one year after declaration or declaration. Which was 6 months ago

The deadline for submitting the GST is March-April-May.

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