Russia is next to us like a friend, two planes from El Moscow to India today with Corona contents

BanglaHunt Desk: Two planes arrived at Delhi airport from Moscow on Thursday morning. The friendly country Russia (Russia) also spoke. As soon as the second wave of Corona hit India, various countries came and stood beside India as friends. Various Corona war materials arrived in India from Russia.

After a phone conversation between Prime Minister Modi and President Putin on Wednesday, Modi tweeted, “We have talked to President Putin about the Corona situation in India. Russia has also given the message to stay by our side. Many thanks to President Putin for this help. “

Two Russian planes reportedly arrived in India on Thursday morning, which was filled with the necessary medical supplies. From Russia – 75 ventilators, 150 bedside monitors, medicines, 20 oxygen concentrators.

Russia’s Ambassador to India Nikolai Kudashev said, “Russia has decided to stand by India in this day of crisis, keeping in mind the diplomatic relations between the two countries.”

By the way, in the second wave of the Corona, the friendly country America also stood by India. US President Joe Biden has come forward to help India. According to Biden, a plane loaded with essential items left the US for India on Wednesday night. About মিল 100 million worth of corona is being delivered to India from the United States today.

According to USAID sources, California has provided 440 oxygen cylinders and regulators. USAID is sending 9 lakh 80 thousand rapid diagnostic test kits. Also sending 1 lakh N-95 masks for first line Corona fighters. 1 thousand oxygen cylinders are coming from America, which can be used by 320 health workers.