Russia is preparing for the Great War, designing a catastrophic bomb

BanglaHunt Desk: Russia is busy preparing for World War II? Destroyer has designed the bomb. The world's three superpowers have begun preparations for World War II. China, America and Russia are making a dangerous plan of war during the Corona period. The United States has already decided to punish China over the Corona epidemic. It is true that there is a war between America and China, but obviously Russia will also enter this great war. That is why Russia has already begun to increase its power.

Russia is not only increasing its military power, but also building bombs that are destroying the world. In fact, the big news from Russia is that Russia has designed the world's largest bomb in the midst of the Corona virus outbreak. Russia has begun building a devastating bomb in the face of threats from the West, including the United States. The planting will be mounted on intercontinental scaffolding missiles. Russia believes that this bomb will be the ‘Brahmastra’ of its defense which it will use as the last weapon.

The bomb is 25 meters long and weighs 100 tons. This bomb requires a special ship to land at sea. At 3,000 feet below sea level, this giant bomb could be stored for many years. This bomb of the Schiff missile using the synthetic radioactive material Cobalt-60 could cause massive destruction at sea and on its shores. With this bomb, the Schiff missile can kill at a distance of 6,000 km. It can hit its feet at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. If a Western country tries to invade Russia, Russia can eliminate that enemy.