Russia is trying to strengthen ties with China, India and China all over the world

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole country of the world has spoken out against China (Chaina) over the Corona virus (COVID-19). In this situation Russia has proposed a friendship between China (China) and India (india). Russia wants India and China to jointly build a war plane. But experts believe that Russia's proposal to make India a bitter friendship with China in the Corona situation.

Russia has previously agreed with India on a number of issues. Together the combatants also built war planes. But this time Russia wants not only India but China along with India to prepare a warlike aircraft. As a result, a friendship can be developed between India and China.

Based on Russia's proposal, India's expert Mahal says Russia wants China to remain as a friend of China during the Chinese crisis, as opposed to other countries. But if India and China are in trouble again, they always seek help from Russia. Then Russia is in trouble as to whom she will help. Sometimes he can't help anyone. Good relations have now been established between Russia and China. Now if China's war with India starts in this situation, then Russia will help China.

But Russia does not want to leave India again. Therefore, Russia wants to resolve the tensions between India and China to build friendly relations. So now Russia is seeking to establish friendship between China and India by building war planes.

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