Russian-China Border Seal, found in 20 coronary patients without symptoms

BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues its rampant outbreak in the world. Nearly thousands of people are losing their lives every day due to this disease. The whole world is blaming China for the virus. Even different countries are going to cut ties with China. China claimed that the incidence of the virus had dropped significantly there. So they picked up the lockdown status. But again, the spread of the virus is seen again in China.

This time around 20 Corona-positive individuals have been found in Elang Chiang, Russia's border zone Elang Chiang. But there have been no signs of the corona virus before. However, the number of coronas is now getting bigger. In this situation, the Chinese government quickly sealed the Elang Chian-Russian border. As a result, a 20-day lockdown has also been announced in Harbin, along with Swif, the capital of Elang Chian. And emergency medical care is being arranged rapidly in Elang Chian.

Every day 3 people are being brought back from Russia for Swifi. And the Corona virus is being tested for all Chinese citizens coming from Russia. A temporary test has also been made in Swift. Because there is a huge possibility that the corona virus is infected. However, there was no high temperature and cough symptoms in the coronary tract. So now it is feared that Elang Chian may be the second Wuhan for China. Because there is a high prevalence of the disease.

China again claims they have completely prevented the spread of the Corona virus. But then he lifted the lockdown from various corona infected areas, including Uhan.

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