Russian heartfelt friendship, India will demand the supply of weapons at the right time


BanglaHunt Desk: India and Russia have a friendly relationship. India is responsible for making America, France and Russia great tools. Although India is protected from the outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19), India needs protection from the terrorist attacks in Pakistan. For this reason, India had ordered America to produce 3,000 assault rifles. France ordered the creation of a raffle and India applied to Russia for the S400 (S-400 missile system). S400 is an important method for India to deal with Pakistan's nuclear. As a result, if Pakistan's border area is locked, Pak war planes will not be able to enter India.

Also the Rafal war aircraft is one of the most powerful combat aircraft in the world. India needs this Rafale war aircraft to increase its ability to attack. On the other hand, an assault rifle is a very important weapon in wartime. But as the Corona virus pandemic took shape in the United States and France, they stopped production and export of these weapons.

Russia and the US will not stop exporting the S400 air defense system to India, even if the United States and France stop producing weapons in the crisis. Russia wants to deliver the system at the right time. That's why Russia has been doing this with complete safety. They do not want to stop their work.

If the export of this system stops now, India will not escape Pakistan's nuclear attack. Once the S400 system comes to India, it will be able to stand against Pakistan. India also needs Assault Rifle and Raffle War Aircraft. This assault rifle is necessary for India's ground troops. Again, the Rafale war aircraft is an important tool not only in Pakistan but also in the war against China.

The United States and France have stopped serving these tools because of the Corona virus. And on the other hand, Russia has assured Indian ambassador to Russia that it will send the device at the right time. This is a very good news for India now.

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