Sadness increased in the forehead of China! India held meetings with America, Japan and Australia


BanglaHunt Desk: China's harassment will not continue in East Ladakh. India has made it clear that it does not want to compromise on the border. At a meeting in Tokyo, Japan, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jayashankar has warned China without naming it.

The Chinese government is well aware that what they are doing in Ladakh and other LACs is not the right thing to do. Meanwhile, they do not want to take part in talks to resolve the border issue with India. However, through various meetings, it was hoped that the Chinese troops would retreat. But they do not back down, on the contrary, they are coming out in an aggressive manner.

Troops from both countries are facing off on the shores of Pangk So Lake in eastern Ladakh. At any moment, the battle cry may sound. There is another meeting between India and China at the commander level on October 12. It is hoped that at this meeting, China will come forward to resolve the border issue in a flexible manner.

In addition to East Ladakh, China has created war conditions in the South China Sea. China has always sought the monopoly of the Chinese government in the South China Sea and its domination over Taiwan. In addition to stockpiling their warships in the South China Sea, the United States is also conducting war games to counter China's grandstanding at sea.

Land Mafia The Chinese government considers the South China Sea as its own. It claims all the islands as its own. When Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan are in conflict, they are threatened with persecution. Due to the abundance of mineral resources in the South China Sea, the Chinese government goes there to assert its dominance.

On the other hand, China also claims the Japanese island of Gul in the East China Sea as its own. Chinese warships also conducted war games there. China claims the Senkafu Islands as its own and is in conflict with Japan. But American warplanes there warned them of a worthy response.