Saif Ali Khan became a barber in lockdown Bangla Hunt


Bengali Hunt Desk: Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is spending the day under house arrest in lockdown. And wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and son Taimur. A few days ago, she was painting with her son Timur and the picture went viral on social media. In lockdown, only the daily necessities are allowed to open. And for that reason saloons and parlors were not allowed to open. And for this reason, Saif himself has become a hair stylist.

Kareena Kapoor Khan shared a photo on her Instagram account showing Saif holding a scissor in one hand. Saif is wearing a white kurta. And right in front of him is Junior Nawab Taimur Ali Khan, and Saif is holding Taimur's hair.

Kareena shared the photo on social media and wrote, “Does anyone want to cut their own hair?” This picture of Saif and Timur is very cute and for this reason it is also going viral on social media.

That picture got more than 6 lakh likes in just four hours. The picture is being shared on all Timur's fan pages. Let me tell you, Timur is having a lot of fun with Saif in lockdown these days. A few days ago, he was painting with Saif.