Saira Banu, who raised her voice in the Supreme Court against the three divorces, joined the BJP


Bangla Hunt Desk: Shayara Banu, who has been campaigning against three divorces, joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday. The party's state president Bansidhar Bhagat handed over the party flag to him at the party office.

Saira Banu, a resident of Kashipur in Uttarakhand, had filed a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court against three divorces in 2016. The Supreme Court heard the verdict in the case filed by him. Then the central government led by Narendra Modi brought a law against three divorces. Saira Banu has been a hot topic since she filed a case against three divorces in the Supreme Court.

He had expressed his desire to join the BJP after winning the fight against three divorces. In 2016, during the time of the then state president of Uttarakhand, Ajay Bhatt, preparations were made to give him membership of the party. But at that time for some reason it was not possible. According to sources, incumbent state president Banshidhar Bhagat went to Dehradun on Friday on the instructions of the central leadership, and on Saturday gave Saira Banu party membership.

Earlier, Ishrat Jahan, who had filed a petition against three divorces from West Bengal, joined the BJP. However, he has been targeted by extremists since he spoke out against the three divorces. He then had to endure a lot of deprivation even after joining the BJP. He was even reportedly evicted from the rented house.