Salman Khan: ‘Full security given to Salman Khan, no better place than Mumbai’ Devendra Fadnavis statement


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Gadchiroli: Super star in recent times Salman Khan infamous for Lawrence Bishnoi Death threats are being received from the gang. Keeping these threats in mind, their security has been increased. Home Minister of Maharashtra regarding preparations for his security Devendra Fadnavis Has updated today. Devendra Fadnavis has said that, ‘Salman Khan’s security is of the highest level. He has no problem in moving around in Mumbai or anywhere in India. I think there is no place safer than Mumbai.

Devendra Fadnavis has given this statement in Gadchiroli. Actually Salman Khan is accused of hunting blackbuck. Blackbuck is considered very sacred for the Bishnoi community. For this reason, the Lawrence Bishnoi gang is after Salman Khan’s life.

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Mumbai Police has given Y+ security to Salman Khan

Please tell that the Mumbai Police has given Y plus category security to Salman Khan. Under this, Salman Khan walks in the circle of 11 security personnel all the time. Out of these security personnel, he is accompanied by 2 commandos and 2 senior police officers at all times.

Salman Khan’s statement regarding his security

After this threat, Salman Khan has also given a statement regarding his security that, ‘What has to happen, has to happen. whatever you do. But I am following whatever I am told. I am going everywhere in full security. Lots of sheres (Shera is the name of Salman Khan’s personal bodyguard) surround me from all sides. There are so many guns around me that even I get scared sometimes. But I have been told to be careful. I am someone’s brother, someone’s life. He has to be lucky a hundred times, I have to be lucky once.

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Let us inform that earlier a mail had come to Rakhi Sawant threatening to kill Salman Khan. Rakhi Sawant released a video saying that Salman Khan is a very pious person and a legend. The thought of threatening to kill him can be of sick minded people. Rakhi Sawant had said that what has Salman Khan done to you? On this Rakhi Sawant was threatened and told to stay away from this matter.

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