Salman Khan On Threats: Salman Khan’s statement after receiving threats, said- so many guns around me


Salman Khan On Threats: धमकी मिलने के बाद सलमान खान का बयान, कहा- इतनी बंदूकें मेरे चारों ओर

bollywood superstar Salman Khan These days there is a lot of discussion about its safety. Wherever Salman goes, along with his personal security, the police is also present with him. At present, Mumbai Police has given Y+ category security to Salman. Apart from this, Bhaijaan himself has also bought a bullet proof car for himself. Which has also been modified according to safety. Salman has bought this car from the international market.

Salman Khan is receiving death threats on a daily basis. Actors are currently the target of gangsters. Recently, Salman also hosted Filmfare. During this also a lot of care was taken for his safety. A lot of security was deployed around him. Now talking about all these things, Salman Khan himself has told how he is handling all this.

Recently Salman Khan gave an interview to a leading channel. Where he told that, security is better than insecurity. Yes there is security. Now it is not possible to cycle on the road and go anywhere alone. And more than that, now it bothers me that whenever I am in traffic, there is a lot of security there. Vehicles create inconvenience to other people. They all give me the look too. My poor fans. But there is a big danger that’s why it is security.

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According to Salman Khan, he is doing what he is being told. Salman knows very well that he needs to be very careful. That’s why he goes everywhere with full security. But he also knows that whatever has to happen, it will happen. Salman says that these days he is scared to see so many Sherras and so many guns around him. Let me tell you, after the death threats, a few days ago, a minor was arrested by the Mumbai Police for threatening to kill Salman during a phone call.

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