Salmon did not even put the birthday cake given by his bodyguard! Netpara shocked by the viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Salman Khan, better known as 'Vaijaan' in Bollywood. It is said that no one returned to him empty-handed.

Salmon is so kind that even if someone in the industry is in danger, he extends a helping hand. He is literally a man with a golden heart.

Many people know that Salman travels with more than one bodyguard. He mixes with them like a friend. But recently a video has gone viral which has shocked netizens.

As seen in the viral video, one of Salman's bodyguards is celebrating his birthday at Jaggi Filmcity. He was seen cutting a cake to celebrate his birthday. He went to feed Salman the first piece of cake. But at first the actor raised his face but suddenly turned back.

In fact, Salmon, who is very conscious about the health of his body, strictly adheres to the diet. So he does not eat a single piece of cake. Jaggio laughed when he saw Salman's actions. This video is now viral on social media. Many people are praising Salman for being health conscious. Again, many are criticizing the actor for rejecting his bodyguard in such a way.

Incidentally, Salman's team of security guards is led by Gurmeet Singh Jalli alias Shera. He is a long time friend of Salman. The actor even said in an interview that this was the inspiration for the movie 'Bodyguard' starring Salman.