Salmon falls off stage with Nora, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Nora Fatehi has already risen to the top of fame even though she has not yet got a chance to play the lead role in a Bollywood film. Besides, no one is left to know that Nora is really good at dancing. ‘ The song ‘Garmi’ from ‘Street Dancer 3D’ has also become very popular due to Nora’s wealth. Netizens have been fascinated by the fluency of his dance.

Salman Khan went to dance with Nora in that song and brought great danger. While dancing, he went down the stairs of the stage and fell down. That video is now viral on Netdunia. Netizens are laughing at the actor’s actions and eating loot.

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In fact, yesterday was the grand finale of Bigg Boss 14. One star after another was attending Asar Mata in the house of Bigg Boss since evening. Nora Fateh was on that list. And what happens when Nora doesn’t dance there?

Nora danced the stage with summer songs. He was joined by host Salman. But doing that ‘iconic step’ with Nora, who is an expert in dance, is a disaster. Excited, Salman thought he would get off the stage while dancing. But in that situation, as soon as he went down the stairs, he started falling down.

Norao stopped dancing and ran to control Salman. On the other hand, the contestants are laughing and eating after seeing this incident. This funny video of Salman has gone viral on social media.