Salmon-Jacqueline, a prisoner in the same farmhouse, the two closest in the new music video?


BanglaHunt Desk: Salman Khan has been imprisoned in Panvel's farmhouse since before the lockdown was announced. However, he is not alone, he is accompanied by his family, two girlfriends Yulia Vantur and Jacqueline Fernandez. From spending time together to standing by the side of helpless people, Vaijan is doing everything.

Along with this, the entertainment of the fans is also going on. A few days ago, the actor released a song called 'Pair Corona'. He said that the idea of ​​this song comes to make Corona aware. Salmon himself sang the song. Hussein Dalal and he wrote this song together. Sajid Wajid composed the melody.

This time another music video of Salman Khan is going to be released. Jacqueline Fernandez will be seen in this video called 'Tere Bina'. In a recent interview, the actor said that the song could not be used in any film. So he decided to release it separately.

Salman has also been shooting this song for four days at his farm house. But he didn't want to show too many scenes of the garden house in the video. Meanwhile, when asked about Jacqueline's reason, the nephew said that it was his house so he did not want to match it in front of everyone.

Incidentally, he went to the farmhouse to talk about a photo shortly before the lockdown was announced. Director Aviraj Minawala was with him. Salman's sister Ayush Sharma was supposed to play the lead role in the film. That's why Arpita and Ayush also went with Salman.

The actor also called another sister Alvira and her husband Atul. At the same time, Sohail Khan's son Nirvana also went to the farm house to have a party with his friends. On the other hand, Jacqueline Fernandez also arrived at Salman's garden house to discuss 'Genda Flower'. Everyone got stuck in the middle of the lockdown.

Salmon has reached out to help helpless people from Panvel. A few days ago, it was seen that Jacqueline, Yulia and Salmon were delivering rations to the needy people together. The video of Salman carrying a sack of food in his own hand went viral on social media.