Salomon-Yulia is locked in solitary confinement in the garden! Imagination is on the net


Banglahunt Desk: Salman Khan has already crossed the age limit of fifty. But he was not heard to make any high demands on marriage. She is Bollywood's most elusive bachelor. His name has been associated with many actresses many times.

Now it is reported that Solomon has a relationship with model Yulia Vantur. Even in this lowdown situation, the two are together, news media reported. Earlier, it was learned that the actor is being held in a house in Mumbai's Panvel garden. News that Yulia is there or not.

He went to the farmhouse to talk about a photo shortly before the lockdown was announced. The director was accompanied by Abhiraj Minawala. Salman's sister Ayush Sharma was supposed to play the lead role in the film. That is why Arpita and Ayur also went with Solomon. Another actor called Alvira and her husband Atul. At the same time, Sohan Khan's son Rana also went to the farmhouse to party with friends.

On the other hand, Jacqueline Fernandez also arrived at Salomon's garden house to discuss 'Flower Flower'. Everyone was trapped there because of the lockdown. However, it is not known if Yulia got there. Even Khan's family did not specify whether he was there or not.

But if you look at Yulia's recent Instagram post, you will find that the picture of Yulia is very similar to the environment of the farm house of Salomon. Really, Yulia is seen spending some time with Solomon. But no one has yet opened their mouth about when they are getting married.

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