Sameer Wankhede: CBI again called Sameer Wankhede for questioning, wife released video and narrated the story of Kaliyug


Sameer Wankhede: समीर वानखेड़े को CBI ने फिर पूछताछ के लिए बुलाया, पत्नी ने Video जारी कर सुनाई कलियुग की कहानी

Kranti Redkar Sameer Wankhede

Aryan Khan Bribery Case: Aryan Khan Former zonal director of NCB Mumbai to save him from the drugs case Sameer Wankhede Had demanded a bribe of 25 crores from Shahrukh Khan. To investigate this allegation, a departmental inquiry was conducted under the leadership of former NCB Deputy Director Gyaneshwar Singh. Based on his report, the CBI interrogated Sameer Wankhede for more than five hours each on Sunday and Monday. Now the CBI has called for questioning on Wednesday (May 24) as well. Earlier, Wankhede’s actress wife Kranti Redkar Has released a video.

In this video, Kranti Redkar has shared a story of Kali Yuga which she heard in her childhood told by her grandmother. Through this story, he has taken sarcasm on all these matters without naming anyone. Listen to what Kranti Redkar said.

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‘Lord Shiva will come when the pitcher of the sins of the fools is full, will bring holocaust’

Wankhede’s actress wife said in her video, ‘When I was young, my grandmother told a story. Story of Kali Yuga. He told that everything is false in Kaliyuga. is a lie. Appearances are in vogue. There is deceit. The number of people who suppress those who do good work is more. But when those who do good work are harassed by suppressing them, then gradually the pot of sin will be filled. The day when the pot of sins of these wrong people will be filled, then Lord Shiva will have to come on earth. They will bring holocaust.’

Shiva canceled the doomsday plan so that good people do not face any difficulty.

Further, Kranti Redkar says, ‘But wait, Lord Shiva was about to bring holocaust, that’s why Shri Ram comes. They say that Lord Shankar, you should not bring holocaust. If you bring holocaust, then those few people who are on earth, because of whose goodness this earth is running, they will also be killed. After this, Lord Shiva says that OK, cancel the plan of holocaust.

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‘I am with those few good people, will you give your hand?’

After this, Kranti Redkar explains the essence of the story and says, ‘The purpose of saying is that this world is running, it is running because of a few good people. Those people are very few. All we have to do is support them. I am with good people. are you with them? ,

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