Sameer Wankhede: CBI asked Sameer Wankhede 15 questions in 5 hours, here is the list of questions


बॉम्बे HC से राहत के बाद भी मुश्किल में वानखेड़े, पूजा उगलेगी राज

Former NCB Mumbai Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede. (file photo)Image Credit source: PTI

Mumbai: Aryan Khan 25 crore bribe to get rid of in drugs case, disproportionate assets and other cases of corruption CBI questioned Sameer Wankhede for 5 hours on Saturday. tomorrow again at 11 am Sameer Wankhede Has been called for questioning. Today in five hours CBI asked more than 15 questions. What were those questions, they have now come in the hands of the media.

After the questioning was over, Siddhi Vinayak reached Wankhede around 9 pm to visit Ganpati Bappa. Earlier on Saturday morning, when he reached the CBI office in Mumbai’s Goregaon for questioning due to his fear, he had Babasaheb Ambedkar’s biography in his hand.

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15 questions asked in 5 hours, inquiry to be held tomorrow at 11 am

The interrogation started at 10.30 am and continued till 1.30 am. Then the questioning which started at 2.30 pm continued till 5.30 pm. The questions which were asked to Sameer Wankhede are given below.

These 15 big and small questions asked from Wankhede

  1. CBI officials from Wankhede asked how often do you talk to Shahrukh Khan on phone calls?

2. Did you meet Shahrukh Khan regarding this case? If so, how many times?

3. How were you in talks to help Shah Rukh Khan?

4. In your chat with Shahrukh Khan, Shahrukh is repeatedly thanking you for what.

5. What information do you have regarding the deal of 18 crores in this matter?

6. Why did you arrest Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan?

7. How many times did you talk to Shah Rukh Khan’s manager after Aryan Khan was arrested? What happened to you with them.

8. You went on foreign tour about 7 times in the last few months. At whose expense did these trips take place?

9. Is your property more than your salary? If yes, where did you get all this from?

10. You have watches worth lakhs. Where did it come from?

11. Out of Rs 50 lakh which was taken as advance for the deal worth Rs 18 crore, Rs 12 lakh is alleged to have been given to you. What would you say on this?

12. Kiran Gosavi and Prabhakar Sail went to collect Rs 50 lakh. At that time, there is an allegation of him having a phone conversation with you, saying ‘the work is done’. What would you say on this?

13. There was a list of 27 people in the Aryan Khan drugs case. But only 10 people were arrested. You took money to release the rest, this is the allegation. What is the truth?

14. Money was transacted with Pooja Dadlani after Aryan Khan was arrested. It is said that your hand is behind this. What would you say on this?

15. Kiran Gosavi says that on your instructions only he talked about money transactions. How would you explain this allegation?

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