Samsung stores are being launched in the Green and Orange Zone in India


BanglaHunt Desk: In India, Samsung India (samsung india) has announced the re-launch of Samsung Smart Cafe and Samsung Smart Plaza across the country from this week. They are being opened from May 4 in compliance with effective government laws and sector-based guidelines and safety regulations.

In Smart Cafe Samsung's smartphone and accessories store, as well as in Smart Plaza, customers can buy all the exclusive electronic products except Samsung's smartphones. Samsung India has decided to extend the validity of Smart Club Points from March 2020 to May 2020. The company claims that social distance and sanitation guidelines will be adhered to at Samsung Smart Cafe and Smart Plaza.

Currently Samsung Smart Cafe and Smart Plaza are only being opened in Orange and Green Zones in phases. All Samsung Smart Plazas and Samsung Cafes are being sanitized before opening.
Hand sanitizers are available at the stands and will be used at the entrance and exit points of the store.

In order to strictly follow the government’s social distance guidelines, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters will be maintained between the smart cafe and the smart plaza to ensure a minimum distance between the two customers. Also, separate lunch breaks are being introduced for all store employees.

To ensure the safety of the employee sitting at the counter, it has been decided that the cashier must wear a mask at all times. Customers are requested to transact digitally and swipe machines will be regularly sanitized before use. Only a certain number of customers will be allowed to enter the store together to avoid crowds.