Sana Khan made a serious decision against her husband after three months of marriage

BanglaHunt Desk: Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan snatched all the limelight overnight late last year. Last October, he suddenly decided to say goodbye to the world of entertainment for following the path of religion. Then in November Sana gave the news of marriage. He married Mufti Syed Anas. Now Sana is quite happy in her married life.

But suddenly there are serious problems in his happy married life. Sana's husband now feels that he has become much fatter than before. Not only her husband, she has gained weight like before. The former actress said this by sharing a video.

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Sana said in the video that she is thinking of starting a workout soon. Because her husband and mother are like that. Although he made a video call, Sana's mother told him that his cheeks had become like Gulab Jamun. He has become ‘Golu Molu Polu’. Sana thinks the matter is serious enough.

Sana added that to all mothers, their children are never fat. No matter how much the weight increases, the mother thinks the child is thin. So when his mother says that, he must have gained a lot of weight. So he is going to start working out. But Sana doesn't understand when to do it.

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Incidentally, a collage of some of Sana's half-naked photos has recently gone viral on social media. It is claimed that Sana's husband Anasai has viralized intimate pictures of their honeymoon on social media.

One tweet read, ‘How can a husband share a picture of his wife’s intimacy on the honeymoon? How did Sana’s husband do that? ’Another commented that such a picture of Sana could make him a target for fundamentalists.

But what exactly is the real truth? A search of the information reveals that two of Sana's collages are old. A film ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ is a song scene from the film. The actress was captured on camera after wearing only an underwear. The other picture is of an old photoshoot of his.

However, the third picture was of her honeymoon and Sana herself posted the picture on social media. There she was seen hugging her husband Anas. All in all, it is clear Is The pictures have gone viral on social media to spread fake news.