Sandipta took Hindi by the side of the ditch and danced to Hindi songs.


Banglahant Desk: Sandipta Sen is one of the most popular actresses in television and Tollywood. He has already won the hearts of the people by showing his acting talent in one series after another. The number of his followers is also increasing in the net world. One of the reasons is Sandeepta's new photoshoot.

This time Sandeepta has shared some videos while going on vacation. He went for a walk in the mountains. And while going there, he was seen dancing to the tune of Hindi songs. Tents pitched along the ditch. Beside her, Sandeepta danced to the tune of Hindi songs. She danced to the tune of Mary Nind Ur Gayi Hadya and Dil Julaha. Both videos went viral on social media.

The actress recently shared some new pictures. Tight black sweater, open hair and kajal black eyes, he took the sleep of netizens. Sandeepta took three pictures in different poses. Every picture goes viral on social media.

Even in the midst of lockdown, Sandeepta used to share tick-tacking videos from time to time to entertain the fans. No gorgeous outfits, no makeup look with a simple homemade tracksuit. This is how the actress was seen to be captured by the cameras. And after this track suit, he was seen wearing a thump.

Sandeepta's pictures and videos are proof that there is no need for gorgeous or short dresses to go viral. He has shared pictures of school or college life with the fans, starting from the pictures of his childhood. Little Sandipta on Rabindra Jayanti, pictures of a parade of class nine or a young Sandipta at the age of nineteen have all gone viral on social media.

Incidentally, Sandeepta started her journey on television with the serial 'Durga'. He played the lead role in this serial. His opposite was Gaurab Chatterjee. The serial was very popular. From there, Sandipta rose to the top of fame.

But sometimes the controversy over his relationship with actor Rahul Banerjee escalated. At that time, the two were acting in the same serial. Rahul even broke up with his wife Priyanka Sarkar. It is heard that Priyanka Rahul got divorced because of Sandipta. However, the actress never opened her mouth about this.