Sanghai Disney Park is thinking of reopening after millions of losses

BanglaHunt Desk: World Disney has lost around Tk 10,000 crore in the last two and a half months. Bob Chapek, the company's chief executive, said steps should be taken in a phased manner to limit human presence and keep business afloat. There are also plans to open Shanghai Park from May 11. The company has closed all its parks due to coronavirus. Advertising sales have also declined, as have movies.
Parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong have been closed since January, and Disney Plus services in Corona have lost about Rs 6,000 crore.
The Shanghai-based Disneyland Park plans to open on May 11th.

Disney Chairman Bob Iger's remarks

Disney Chairman Bob Eger said: “Our company is facing an unprecedented challenge, but we hope to fully recover. We plan to open our Shanghai-based Disneyland Park from May 11th. And in order to limit the presence of the people, the organization will have to take a phased approach, requiring advance reservation. R and health will be checked by checking the temperature.

There has been financial loss

Paid-TV subscriptions and movie theater presence have declined. However, with the closure of the park business, the company's operating income has decreased by about Tk 10,611 crore. Parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong in January, Tokyo in February and the United States and France closed in March.

Hope to reopen

However, if it reopens in May, there will be a crowd of people and there will be appropriate arrangements. And Disney will face a profit again.