Santa himself as a Christmas present! Raj-Shubhshree caressed little Santa Yuvan


BanglaHunt Desk: Raj Chakraborty (raj chakraborty) Oh Santa Clause himself appeared at the Christmas gift of Subhashree Ganguly! As soon as I opened the gift box, I saw a small Santa wearing a matching hat. Shubhshree and Raj shared the photo on social media. And as soon as it is shared, it is viral.

Surprised? In fact, this little Santa is Yuvaan, the beloved child of Raj Shubhshree. Wearing a santar hat, he sat himself down in the gift box. Yuvan is the biggest gift to Raj Shubhshree this Christmas. The star couple took the boy in their arms and filled him with caress.

Raj and Shubhshree celebrated Christmas by decorating the house at home. With that, Yuvan also got a new look. He was seen in a white shirt and blue pants. With hair spikes. Raj also cheered with the whole family over a glass of wine. However, Shubhshree is still deprived of juice. Mother-in-law Shubhshree was also seen caressing her mother.

On this day, 'Hot Mamma' Shubhshree was seen in a cream colored short dress. With red lipstick on the lips. Raj was wearing a red t-shirt. The actress also posed for a picture with her head on Raj's shoulder while sitting in front of the Christmas tree, Snow Man.

Recently, Shubhshree played a funny game on social media. Fans asked him to post pictures on any one subject. Accordingly, the actress has shared an unseen picture of her son Yuvan. The picture shows Baba Raj kissing Yuvan with both hands on his lap. Shubhshree stood beside him smiling.

The picture was probably taken during Shubhshree's birthday. The actress turned 30 immediately after becoming a mother. At that time a domestic party was also organized. The picture is also believed to be from that period. Shubhshree also shared some more pictures on social media at the request of the fans.

The actress shared photos without her makeup, honeymoon photos, an unseen photo of her pregnancy, and even a picture of Yuvan's sleeping face on her phone wallpaper. Every picture goes viral on social media.