Sara Ali Khan Pics: With whom is Sara Ali Khan talking to in the pool? The picture created a ruckus, people asked – who is on the side


Sara Ali Khan Pics: पूल में किस शख्स से बातें कर रही हैं सारा अली खान? तस्वीर ने मचाया हंगामा, लोगों ने पूछा- साइड में कौन है

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan Latest Photos: Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter actress Sara Ali Khan She is very fond of traveling. Every day she goes on vacation somewhere or the other. Sara has once again shared her latest pictures of vacation on Instagram. But the eyes of his fans were fixed on a picture and now questions are being asked about the same.

Sara Ali Khan shared about eight pictures on Instagram on Thursday. In these pictures Sara is seen with her mother Amrita Singh and friends. In one of these pictures, Sara Ali Khan is seen taking a bath in the swimming pool amid snowfall. During this, another person is also seen in the pool with him.

Who’s with Sarah?

Sara Ali Khan is seen talking to the person in the pool. The man seen in the pool with Sara is wearing glasses and smiling. Apart from her mother, many friends have also gone with Sara on this trip. In such a situation, it is believed that the boy seen in the pool is a close friend of Sarah.

Sara Ali Khan Pool Pic

people are commenting like this

Many people are commenting on these pictures of Sara. Many people are praising the picture of the pool. Some people are also questioning the boy seen in the pool. An Instagram user named Priyank asked, “Who was in the fifth slide in the side.”

Talking about Sara Ali Khan’s films, she will now be seen in Ae Mere Watan. Its shooting has started recently. Sara Ali Khan will be seen in the role of a freedom fighter in this film. The first teaser of the film has already been released.

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