Sara, Ananda's past, now Kartik is eating habudubu in love with this actress!


BanglaHunt Desk: There are many newcomers to Bollywood. But there is enough doubt as to how many actors have a ‘chocolate boy image’ like Kartik Aaryan. It hasn't been long since he entered the world of acting, but in the meantime, rumors are circulating in Beetown about his personal life and love.
Karthik is currently at the top of the list of Bollywood's 'Most Eligible Bachelors'. The number of his female fans is innumerable. From time to time, the actor came up in the news headlines about the relationship. However, this time he said, what kind of girl he likes for marriage.

When asked about this in a recent interview, Karthik said that he wants to marry a girl like Deepika, who is proud of her husband. He further said that he gets along well with Deepika. It is clear that Karthik is leaning towards Deepika this time after Sara, Ananda.

Deepika and Karthik are seen on social media occasionally getting naughty. Deepika recently shared a video of the Cannes Film Festival. She shared a behind-the-scenes view of the camera in the makeup room. It can be seen that she is doing hairstyle after bathrobe. In the caption of the video, the actress wrote, 'Green Room Shenanigans'.

Karthik also did not miss the opportunity to comment. He asked Deepika, what is the meaning of the word ‘shenanigans’? Deepika also wrote in reply, ‘stupid or agitated behavior, naughtiness (like you)’. Deepika's funny answer is laughed at and eaten by the netizens. This video has already gone viral.