'Sarak 2' came in second place in the list of most dislikes on YouTube, and the song in the film also has a record dislike!


BanglaHunt Desk: Trailer Later This time the song of Kop ‘Sarak 2’ (sadak 2). A record number of dislikes have been made in both the songs of this film which has just been released. The final flop will be after the release of the film in the anger of netizens, according to film critics.

The first song of Sarak 2 'Tum Se Hi' was released four days ago. The song still has 2 lakh 50 thousand likes. The number of dislikes there has exceeded 1 million. On the other hand, another song of the film 'Ishq Kamal' was released on Wednesday. 43 thousand dislikes in just 6 hours. On the other hand, only 21 thousand likes.

Seeing the plight of the trailer and the two songs in a row, like the film critics, if the film is released, it will be a hit. Even if OTT is released on the platform, it will not be able to escape the wrath of netizens on Road 2.

By the way, at the moment, the road dissection trailer is in the second place in the list of the most disliked videos on YouTube. In the first place is YouTube Rewind 2018: Every One Controls Rewind. Singer Justin Bieber's 'Baby' was at number two before Road 2. That video came down to third place. However, in terms of the percentage of dislikes, Road 2 has already reached the top. 94.64 percent disliked this video.

As soon as the trailer of Sarak 2 was released on 12 August, there was a call on social media to boycott Alia and Mahesh Bhatt's pictures. That's when the turn to dislike the trailer begins. So far, the number of likes and dislikes in the trailer has been 5 lakh 72 thousand and more than 1 crore. #BoycottBollywoodFilms running on social media.