Sarlen Rajnath Singh in a video conference meeting with the army, gave a big hint from the perspective of the war


BanglaHunt Desk: The method of fighting has changed a lot these days. People have improved a lot in keeping with the times, the tools of war have also improved. New problems are coming in front of the country. It also has to be dealt with with the help of modern advanced methods. In this regard, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh directly said that in the future, India may face even bigger problems.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh briefed the gathering about the country's army through video conferencing. He said- ‘This event is a very important festival for me. As circumstances and times change, so do many methods of warfare. We may face a number of different security issues in the near future. “

Rajnath Singh further said, “We have a tradition of writing literature with the nation in mind. This type of literature is written in any language, be it Hindi, Gujarati or Punjabi, which has aroused love of homeland among the people at different times. It is currently my test how to inform the people of the country about the history of the army in the near future.

He added, “As soon as I became the country's defense minister, I formed a team who were working to present the sacrifices of the country's troops, the events of the war to the people in simple and fluent language.” I want the people of the country to know all the events of the army and the history of the country and come forward to protect the country.