Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman attacked Corona! The 4-member family report is positive

Bangla Hunt Desk: Saudi Arabia could not escape the coroner's anger. Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been sent to the isolation. Not only this, reports of six members of the Shah family have come out positive. Saudi Prince Faisal bin Al Saud has been admitted to the ICU because of the Corona virus. So far, there have been 212 coroners found in Saudi Arabia and four have died.

A study by experts and international experts in Saudi Arabia suggests that the number of coronary patients in Saudi Arabia will increase drastically. A report from the Saudi Press Agency revealed this. Saudi health minister Tawfiq al-Rabiya said in a statement on Tuesday that the survey had revealed that the number of coronary outbreaks in the state would increase from 8 to 20,000 in the next few weeks.

According to the news agency Xinhua, government statistics have found that the number of victims was 20 on Tuesday. Of them, 1 has been fixed and 5 have died. The Minister expressed the apprehension, “There is no doubt that our strong message and restrictions on the direction and means of preventing the virus will reduce the number of infections. But due to lack of restrictions, the number of infections will increase. ”

The Saudi government has announced 3 billion Saudi riyals (about $ 1.8 billion) to fight the virus. The money will be used to mobilize medicines, extra bedding, medical supplies and healthcare, such as ventilators and test materials. At the same time, necessary medical staff and technology from domestic and abroad will be mobilized.

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