Sawal Federation in favor of reducing foreigners in ISL and I-League for the betterment of Indian football.


The AIFF's technical committee, headed by Shyam Thapar, questioned the reduction of foreign footballers in ISL and I-League. The Corona virus is currently rampant around the world, shutting down all sports. There is still no certainty as to when the new season will start again. However, the technical committee of the federation sat in the meeting to decide the direction of the new season.

The meeting was attended by Federation President Praful Patel, AIFF Secretary Kushal Das and National Team Head Coach Igor Steimach. All the members of the technical committee on this day questioned the reduction of foreigners in the first XI for the betterment of Indian football. It was claimed that four foreigners could play in each team in the first XI. Of those four foreigners, three will be ordinary foreigners and one will be an Asia quota foreigner.

However, the federation has said that the final decision will be taken after talking to ISL and I-League teams. However, despite the final decision on this issue, the new rules are not being implemented now, the new rules will be effective from the 2021-22 season.