SBI warns 45 crore customers, delete from mobile now, otherwise the account will be empty


BanglaHunt Desk: State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank, has warned its 450 million customers. If the advantages are matched by online banking, then there are also disadvantages behind it. Fraud can be a victim. SBI has issued a warning about this fast growing digital scam in the country.

If you are an SBI customer and have availed the app for online banking, as well as if you keep important information of your account on mobile, then this SBI Alert is for you.

SBI has informed its customers that no account information should be stored on mobile. It is more likely to be online fraud. Keeping in view the growing digital fraud in the country, State Bank Of India has warned its customers not to make the mistake of saving their banking PIN, debit-credit card information, their password-CVV on their mobile phones. If you have stored all this information on your mobile, delete it as soon as possible, as it may empty your bank account.

Further warnings issued by SBI are:

1) If you have stored the secret information of your account on mobile, then it is likely to be leaked.

2) Advice to use ATM Card very carefully. Password, CVV, number not to share with anyone.

3) SBI is telling its customers not to use public internet for online banking. This increases the risk of leaking your personal information and can lead to fraud.