Schedule Whatsapp messages to send messages at the right time, find out the method


BanglaHunt Desk: At the moment, whatsapp is so closely associated with our lives that we can't imagine our lives without this app. WhatsApp is the medium for everything from personal conversations to official conversations. But many times we can't get the message at the right time. I forgot to send the message at the right time due to busyness or some other reason The solution to this problem is at hand

Did you know that WhatsApp's message is scheduled in advance, that is, you can adjust the time when the message will go. This will get the message to the recipient at the right time. Learn how to schedule WhatsApp messages.

In the case of Android phones

Download the SKEDit app from the Pragugal Pay Store and create your own account. There is also the facility to log in with Facebook. Allow the app to use the phone service and select WhatsApp in that list. Now you can reach your WhatsApp through this app.

Now click on the name of the recipient of the message. Set a date and time for your message. You can also choose the Ask Me Before sending option, this option will ask you for permission before sending your scheduled message via notification.


If you use iOS, you will have to schedule messages using Siri. Go to the + sign in the app and click on the name of the person you want to send with the specified time and day in create personal automation.