Search for the existence of life on Mars, what the science community says!

Bengali Hunt Desk: Scientists have once turned their lives to the underworld by searching for where to find life. But they have ever found life on Mars. But this time scientists really found life on Mars.

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Analyzing the haircuts of multiple photos taken by the Mars spacecraft Curiosity Rover, Romosa said the skeletons of some insects are fossilized on the ground of Mars.

The structure of that fossil is shaped like a pair of wings, head-chest-abdomen. It is also clear in the body of a pair of trunks. From this, it seems that they may have once been wandering on the soil of the red planet. This is where the mystery of the curiosity of scientists unfolds. If life really does not exist, then who will be able to rediscover the existence of life far away from the earth?

There are more observations by US scientist Romosa. In his words, “Fossils of insects prove that life existed on Mars. Analyzing some of the images taken by the Curiosity rover across a particular area, we found that just like insects, fossils of body parts are scattered on the ground of Mars. Not only arthropods, but also fossils of reptiles. It will be possible to say better about these animals by doing detailed research.