Second Corona test positive Nusrat's father goes to quarantine


BanglaHunt Desk: Second-time and positive report L-MP Nusrat Jahan's father. His second swab test report came on Thursday. Nusrat's father was also found to be corona positive. He was found covid 19 in the first swab test sample. This time the actress's mother and sister have been placed in the home quarantine.
Samples of Nusrat's father were taken on Monday morning. The private hospital where he is admitted is examined. Corona-positive Nusrat's father was revealed in that test. It was reported that the report was also sent to the hospital. A sample of his father's saliva was sent to a government hospital. Though the report is expected to arrive on Tuesday evening, it arrives on Thursday. And it has also shown evidence of coronary infection. Nusrat's mother and sister went to Quarantine for 5 days as per government directive.

In this regard, Nusrat said his father did not go abroad. Didn't go out of Kolkata. Just went to the market. There may be infection. Hospital sources say MPs are now stable.
Nusrat Jahan's father Mohammed Shahjahan was hospitalized with fever, shortness of breath and cough on Sunday. He was admitted to a private hospital in southern Kolkata on Sunday night. He also had a shortness of breath with fever. But then Nusrat completely rejected this claim. He made it clear that his father had no breathing problem.

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