Security guards shoot bank manager accused of insulting hero religion in Pakistan overnight! Watch the video

Bangla Hunt Desk: A viral video is going viral on social media, where Pakistanis are seen cheering around a security guard named Ahmed Nawaz who shot a bank manager accused of insulting religion.

Pakistani social worker Rahat Austin shared the video on Twitter. He said Ahmed Nawaz, a security guard at the National Bank of Pakistan, had shot dead a manager accused of insulting religion. The video shows Ahmed leading a crowd. In this show, a person is seen coming out of the crowd and kissing Ahmed.

Another video shows how the Pakistani mob is protecting the accused and rejoicing over him. The accused is also heard chanting religious slogans to the Pakistani people in the procession. In the video, the Pakistani people say, “Slaughter the person who insulted Prophet Mohammad.”

Let me tell you, religious fanaticism is not diminishing in Pakistan. On the one hand, they are being demolished by attacking one Hindu temple after another every day. On the other hand, the persecution of minorities in Pakistan, including Hindus, is increasing day by day. However, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan is reluctant to admit these incidents.

Demonstrations have been staged in various parts of France in protest of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. And then the persecution of minorities in Pakistan has increased. On the one hand, they are demanding respect for all religions. On the other hand, they themselves are carrying out violence in the places of worship of the minorities.