Seed Myth: If someone accidentally swallows a seed, can a tree really grow in the stomach? Know the truth of childhood fear


Seed Myth: अगर कोई गलती से बीज निगल जाए तो क्या सचमुच पेट में पेड़ उग सकता है? जानिए बचपन के डर की सच्चाई

Whenever you eat fruits in childhood, you are definitely told to take out the seeds because if you do this, a tree will come out of your stomach. Let us know today what is the reason behind this fear?

superstitions related to seeds

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You must have heard many things in your childhood, which now, after growing up, you come to know that there is no truth in them at all. If we talk about these myths, then the biggest myth was that the seeds of fruits should not go into the stomach by mistake, because if this happens then trees will start growing in our stomach itself? You too must have heard things from the elders in the house, but do you know the truth behind it? If not, then let’s know today what will happen if we swallow the seed?

In fact, all these things are completely false that if we eat the seed, then a tree will grow out of us. Our parents used to tell us all these things so that we should chew the fruits and not swallow them. If any seed goes in our stomach, it will break into small pieces and definitely no plant will be able to sprout in the stomach. Due to which no tree will grow in our stomach.

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However, if we talk about the history of medical science, then some such cases have definitely come to the fore. Where the seeds have sprouted not in the stomach but because of the seeds going into the lungs. An incident came to light from the United States state of Massachusetts. Where a retired teacher Ron Sveden was having a lot of difficulty in breathing and when his lungs were scanned, the ground slipped under the feet of the doctors and it was found that a plant was growing in his stomach. This plant was of a pea. Which the doctor took out after surgery.

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