Seeing the boy, Raj is burning with jealousy, he shared the picture and explained the reason


Banglahunt Desk: Raj Chakraborty (Raj Chakraborty) and Shubhshree Ganguly's son Yuvan (Yuvaan) have made everyone their fans from birth. The people of Netpara are now looking at this small diary. When you get a new picture of Yuvan from Raj or Shubhshree, there is a flood of like comments.

Raj Shubhshree also shared the latest photo and video of Yuvan thinking about the fans. But their only request. Yuvan is now buddy short. So his fan club should not be opened from now on.

Raj and Shubhshree shared photos and videos of their son Yuvan on social media whenever they got a chance. And when a new picture is posted, it goes viral. Raj recently shared another picture of Yuvan. And he said about that picture, he is very jealous when he sees the boy.

As seen in the picture, little Evin is lying on the lap of Raj's mother i.e. Grandmother. She is lying on Grandma's lap and is ready to caress. Sharing the photo, Raj wrote, ‘My mother used to caress me like this and still does. I am jealous of Yuvan. '

Incidentally, the popularity of Shubhshree Gangopadhyay has multiplied since she became a mother. The actress has been in the headlines since the time she gave the good news of the arrival of her child. And now as soon as the picture of the boy Yuvan is given, it goes viral.

Mimi Chakraborty recently sent a sweet gift to Raj Shubhshree's son. There are no small towels, clothes, toys, teddy bears in it! Shubhshree took a picture of the gift and shared it on his Insta Story. Wrote with, ‘Yuvan says Mimi has been very nice. Thank you.

In reply, Shubhshree shared a screenshot of that story in his own story and gave a kiss and caress to little Evan. The conversation between the two actresses in this sweet story went viral on social media.