Seeing the herd of wild dogs, the air of the leopard became tight, the ruthless hunter of the forest ran by pressing the tail like a cat.


Shocking! जंगली कुत्तों के झुंड को देखकर टाइट हुई तेंदुए की हवा, बिल्ली की तरह दूम दबाकर भागा जंगल का बेरहम शिकारी

leopard and wild dog fightImage Credit source: Youtube/Latest Sightings

For any person, his family is most important. It is also said that when it comes to family, a person does not even care about his life. This is not the case only in the world of humans, but animals also put their lives on the line to save their family members. One such video has surfaced these days. Where a herd of wild dogs took revenge for the death of their child in this way. Seeing which you will also be surprised.

The world of the jungle is unique in itself. Here it cannot be said when the prey becomes the hunter and when the hunter becomes the hunted. You must have heard that saying that if we face any big difficulty together, then we definitely get success in it. Now watch this video how wild dogs and leopards are seen clashing and here the wild dogs united and forced the heartless hunter of the forest to run away. After seeing which everyone is stunned.

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watch video here

In this video that is going viral, you can see that the wild are playing happily behind the dog and during this time a leopard gets an eye on them and it comes there and kills a child to satisfy its hunger. . Meanwhile, an army of wild dogs gathers there and without fear confronts the leopard for revenge. Where many dogs attack him, some very cleverly start scratching him. The leopard gets scared of this sudden attack and runs away. If seen in the true sense, here the hunter’s life is saved in great difficulty.

According to reports, this video is from the country of Botswana in Africa, which has been recorded in Cobb National Park. Which has been shared by the YouTube channel Latest Sightings. Till the time of writing the news, people have seen this video more than three lakh times and their reactions are being given by commenting on it.

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