Self-reliant! You don't have to buy anything except salt in this area of ​​'Sita's underworld'


BanglaHunt Desk: A remote area of ​​Central India surrounded by mountain forests. There is a wonderful coexistence of myth and natural beauty. But even a few days ago, Indians did not even know the name of this area. Such so-called unnamed areas are self-reliant! Find out about Patalkot in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

According to the Ramayana, when Purushottam Sri Ramachandra asked Sita for a fire test for the second time, the insulting Sita wanted to go back to her earthly mother at that time. After the land was divided, Sita, the daughter of the earth, returned to the earth. The inhabitants of the underworld believe that Sita returned to the earth in this region. Another legend says that Meghnad, the son of Ravan, reached the underworld through this region.

Although Patalkot is located right in the middle of India, this area was undiscovered for a long time. Located in the Satpura hills, this village is about 60 km from Chhindwara town.

Located in a deep ravine in the hills, the main inhabitants of this village are the Bharia Bhumia tribal group. Located about 18 feet below the plain, this region was on the map until some time ago.

The residents of this hilly area of ​​Satpura are truly self-reliant. They have to bring nothing but salt from the outside world. They do not have to rely on anyone for their food, clothing, shelter as well as medicine. All in all, the underworld is almost entirely self-sufficient. The residents of this region have to bring only edible salt from outside.