Selfie ‘Ranima’ with Adar’s son-in-law before sitting on the wedding pedestal, viral Ditipriya-Gaurab photo


Banglahant Desk: Today, on November 9, Gaurab Chatterjee is going to have a seven-way affair with his long time girlfriend Deblina Kumar. Earlier, Gaurab was seen posing with co-actress and good friend Ditipriya Roy (ditipriya roy) in Rani Rasmoni serial.

Not only onscreen, but also offscreen Ranimar has a very good relationship with Adar's son-in-law Mathur. Earlier, on the shooting set of Rasmoni, everyone gave a glorious Iburovat. This time Gul Ditipriya was seen taking a selfie with pride before sitting on the wedding pedestal. Wrote, ‘Groom to be’. Gaurab also shared that picture in his story.

The wedding countdown has started from yesterday. Mehndi on her hands and feet is the only bride to be made later. Debelina was seen lifting 10 kg weight after mehndi in her hand. He picked up a heavy barbell. The actress also showed her hand mehndi with a smile on her face. This video is now on viral social media. Five-faced netizens in praise of Debelina's power.

Most recently, Debbie shared some photos of the Mehndi event on her Insta handle. He was seen wearing mehndi on his hands and feet. Debelina dressed in light flower ornaments that day. After wearing a white and red sari and a wedding crown on her head, the actress was seen having fun with relatives and friends with a smile on her face.

By the way, today, on December 9, Gaurab and Deblina are going to be one. However, it did not happen, they will get married in the presence of two families and a few close friends in Corona.

However, even though the marriage has now taken place, the date of the reception has been postponed to March next year. It is being reported that the reception of the star couple will be quite gorgeous. Earlier it was heard that Deblina Gaurab has planned a big wedding ceremony on December 25. But that plan has to change because of Corona.