Selling milk without touching it from a distance, seeing the innovative power of the seller, Blessed Blessed Rob spreads the net


BanglaHunt Desk: Don't spread the deadly virus by contact. So it is being asked to follow social distance to avoid contact. But most of the time when buying essentials like fish, vegetables, milk, health protection rules are not followed. As a result, the risk of infection between the buyer and the seller is multiplied. A milk seller has adopted a fancy method to reduce this possibility That picture went viral the moment it was posted on social media.

There are many milk tanks tied to the back of the bike. He has placed a funnel in the middle of them. It is connected to a pipe. Pouring milk into that funnel, it goes straight into the buyer's bowl through the pipe. As a result, the distance between the buyer and the seller is quite large. As a result, there is almost no need to come in contact during corona infection.

Anish Sharan, an IAS officer, posted the fancy photo on social media and wrote, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”
In India: Jugaad is already ready. You tell the work. #Social_Distancing ‘

With the spread of this picture on social media, it has spread like wildfire. Net Layer is vocal in praising his innovative energy. Some people say that ‘jugaar’ is made before the problem in India.