Separation of happiness! A Chinese woman is the richest woman in Asia with alimony money


BanglaHunt Desk: In a word, divorce is always sad. But when you hear the story of Yuan Lipping, that belief is bound to falter. Divorce has turned the corner of his life. Yuan, 49, is now the richest woman in Asia. He has made it to the list of the richest people in the continent in one fell swoop.
After the divorce, Yuan has about 3.2 billion dollars in his pocket. Du Weimen, chairman of Shenzhen Kantai Biological Products Co., is Yuan's ex-husband. Own company as a condition of divorce 161.3 He handed over millions of shares to Yuan.

The stock was valued at about ০ 3.2 billion at the close of trading on Monday. Weiman, meanwhile, was the 320th richest person in the world before the divorce, according to a recent Forbes list. Although Weiman, 58, was born into a peasant family, he reached this position through his own efforts. 1995 He joined a biotech company in the year as a sales manager. Then 2009 Weiman started his own company.
On the other hand 2011 From 2018 Until now, Kantai has been the co-manager of Biological Products, but now he is the vice-general manager of another company. However, the breakup did not go down well with Weiman's company. Demand for the company's stock skyrocketed in February with the announcement of the discovery of Corona's antidote. But news of the company's chairman's departure has had an impact on the company's shares and Weiman's personal assets.
However, this is not the first such incident. 2012 Yu Yajun, China's richest woman, paid her ex-husband ২ 2.3 billion on condition of divorce. South Korean industrialist She Tae-un gave his wife a 42.3 percent stake in the company at the time of the divorce, valued at Rs 120 crore. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gave his ex-wife, McKenzie, 4 percent of the company at the time of the divorce. Madakenji is currently the fourth richest woman in the world.