Seven chakras are flashing on the naked back, showing a picture of a tattoo, a viral mishmi


BanglaHunt Desk: Mishmee das is a very popular face in the world of Bengali television. Not long ago, he set foot in the world of acting. Mishmi has already won the hearts of the audience with her sweet smile and acting skills. But not just the series. He has also spread his dominance on social media. The number of followers on his official Instagram account is around three million.

From time to time Mishmi does new photoshoots. He shared all those pictures with his fans. And when you post a new picture, it goes viral.

Earlier, Mishmi went viral after seeing a picture of a tattoo on her back. Mishmi showed the picture of the tattoo on the open back. The actress has tattooed seven chakras.

Mishmi has shared the picture of that tattoo on her Insta handle several times. Many have asked him what is the significance of these seven cycles? So he posted a picture again and explained the meaning of seven cycles.

Mishmi writes that these seven chakras are actually a symbol of the flow of energy in the body. When these seven chakras are in the right place, they increase energy in the body. At the same time, these chakras are able to heal physical and mental wounds. Mishmi also mentioned the names of the seven chakras and their places in the post.

Incidentally, Mishmi started her acting career with the magazine. Of course, he never thought acting would be his profession. His dream was to become a chartered accountant. At the moment he is acting in the series 'Sadhak Bamakshyapa'. Mishmi was also seen in the movie 'Buro Sadhu'.