Several Bangladeshis drowned while fleeing to Italy via the Mediterranean Sea

Bangla Hunt Desk: Every year some people from Bangladesh and other countries migrate to Italy, Malta etc. in search of livelihood. In most cases, such people migrate abroad due to poor economic conditions in the country, or sometimes due to civil war. But they fell into the hands of the middlemen and floated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in rubber rafts or small fishing boats. Due to which accidents often happen. The blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea seeing the salil tombs of one dream after another. A similar incident came to the fore again. About 43 people, including several Bangladeshis, drowned while fleeing abroad in a secret boat.

It is learned that not only in Bangladesh but also three citizens of India were among them. Tunisia’s Red Crescent has so far rescued 84 people from the tragedy. It is learned that all the passengers were from Bangladesh, Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea when the boat capsized on Saturday. The boat sailed to Italy via the northwestern coast of Libya.

Most of the time, in such cases, the brokers lure the foreigner into wooden boats, fishing boats or rubber dinghies. The boats could not cope with the strong waves of the Mediterranean Sea because of the overcrowding. Due to which in most cases salil samadhi occurs. In April alone, 40 people died while crossing the Mediterranean off the coast of Tunisia. At least six people have died this year as they crossed the Mediterranean from the coast of North Africa to Europe.

But the number of people traveling to Europe is increasing day by day. According to the Italian Interior Ministry, more than 19,000 people have arrived in Italy from these countries this year. Once again, 43 people died in this adventurous journey. Mangi Slim, a Red Crescent official, told the media: “74 migrants from Juwara, Libya, to Europe have been rescued. They are being held at the Georges Quarantine Center. ”

Earlier on Sunday, a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Europe sank in the Mediterranean. Due to which about 16 people got into trouble. The Tunisian navy also rescued them.