Several cricket boards, including Australia, are looking to the BCCI to deal with the financial loss.


Lockdown is currently taking place all over the world because of Corona. All types of cricket are closed for this lockdown. A number of cricket boards are currently facing extreme financial losses due to the closure of cricket, including large boards such as the Australian Cricket Board. In such a situation, India has become the only hope for all the boards to avoid financial losses. Everyone knows that playing a bilateral series with India can lead to deals with big broadcasting companies, in which case the amount of profit will be higher. Due to this, various cricket boards have already started applying for the series with the Indian cricket team. Meanwhile, the South Africa and Australia Cricket Board sent their applications to the BCCI. Smaller cricket boards have also started sending applications.

In the meantime, after the T20 World Cup, a test series was planned between India and Australia. However, at the moment, the Australian Board wants the Test series to be much bigger, meaning the BCCI has already been asked by the Australian Cricket Board to conduct a five-match Test series. However, the BCCI has not yet been informed about this, as the BCCI wants to help the cricket boards of all countries. That is why the BCCI will take some time to decide on this matter.

On the other hand, an emergency meeting has been called by the ICC next Thursday. That meeting will decide the future of the Twenty20 World Cup to be held in Australia later this year. That is why the BCCI is now looking at that. Because the BCCI will take their next step after the ICC's decision on the World Cup in that meeting. Six countries are already looking forward to playing a series with India.

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